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[Test Drive] Volvo S90 T6 AWD in Jordan

It is Gorgeous, Elegant and the alternative to the Germans, this is the S90 Volvo’s idea of luxury sedan cars.

We spent a day with Volvo S90 T6 AWD from GAA the official and exclusive dealer for Volvo Cars in Jordan, first impression, it is luxurious and looks very classy with a smooth modern design and powerful (the model we tested).


The S90 first unveiled was in January 2016 at the North American Auto Show as the Swedish company luxury flagship model, and to be the alternative to the German luxury mid-size sedans with it’s modern design, elegant interior, confident driving feel and of course safety features.

It shares its mechanical and parts with the XC90, and Volvo says that the S90 is a new era in design and innovation and it is the next generation of Volvo cars. And yes they are right.


I was not only driving the S90 in fact i was enjoying the car and the ride in the streets of Amman, very comfortable seats well it is a Volvo and this is a thing that they are good at from a long time, it is quit that you feel isolated from the outside noise thanks to Volvo’s incorporation of active noise cancellation, while driving it it feels very comfortable but firm also, alot of grip especially we tested the AWD version.

If you worry about the 4-cylinder engine well do not be, it is powerful and fast, engine and throttle response very well and fast, with three different driving modes (ECO, Comfort and Dynamic).

Engine and Performance

The car we tested (T6 AWD) has a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter petrol engine turbocharged and supercharged with 316 hp and 400 Nm of torque fitted with an 8 speed automatic transmission. All wheel drive and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds with top speed of 220 km/h.

Other petrol models (T4 and T5) also have a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine but with only turbocharger producing 187 (T4 model) and 250 hp (T5 model).

From the inside

Seats, steering and console made from a a high quality leather, some wood tone panels for the dash and doors. Touch screen entertainment system with no buttons, it replaces an array of buttons with simple menus, swipes, voice commands, and very responsive, there is a single “Home” button at the bottom of the touch screen only. 19 B&W speakers for the audio system, the engine starts with a twist of a knob at the center console not press button.

The interior is very elegant and classy with the Volvo touch of luxury.


The Volvo S90 has a Pilot Assist System as Volvo says this is the first model to have semi-autonomous driving features as standard in a car, The system interfaces active cruise control, lane-keep assist, and forward collision systems. Speed can be limited depending on road sign (and supplemental GPS) data, or see those concerns in the well configured head up display. Blind-spot monitors with rear cross-traffic.


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