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[Test Drive] Range Rover Sport HSE 2017 – Episode I

Setting Up The Standards in SUVs

Last weekend we drove the 2017  Range Rover Sport HSE courtesy of Al Fardan Premier Motors  as this is the first Land Rover we drove since we started our operation on October 1st 2016.

The Range Rover surely put a standard for us in the SUV segment and will be a benchmark for others in terms of design, readability , comfort and what we like the most indeed… Power!

We will take you across our test drive and talk more about the 2017 YM and the new upgrades that it got through testing it this time on normal roads.

Range Rover Sport 2017

More Exciting Upgrades in the Range Rover Sport 2017

The 2017 got exciting upgrades like the bigger 10 inch touch screen provided with the new InControl Touch Pro entertainment system which we found really useful and user friendly whether you are controlling the climate setting, connecting your phone to it or simply just listen to the radio, adding to that the simplicity in using voice commands as the detection for voice is absolutely astonishing as we tried that in different accents too!

Range Rover Sport 2017
Range Rover Sport 2017 Luxurious Interior

Self-Driving features

No it is not the “Self-Driving” feature you think you know, it is actually more of a smart Artificial Intelligence for the car to adapt with the surrounding when you select driving mode for the terrain you choose.

When you select to pull a trailer at the back of your Range Rover Sport the smart and enhanced towing system helps you out in visualizing when to go, how to park your trailer  .meaning that whenever you consider to pull up your trailer in the back of the range rover the computer understand and consider the terrain the car is driving on and you can even change the size of the trailer you are towing too.

More from the self-driving and dynamic driving features , the Range Rover sport features a dedicated launch function which enables the vehicle to pull away smoothly and easily even on tough or slippery terrain. so no more mud or in our case ( Qatar ) there won’t be sand pushed away if you got stuck or trying to launch from within sand.

Electronic Air Suspension

In our test drive we only took the Range Rover Sport through normal roads in Doha to see the Electronic Air Suspension system and test how smooth it is on low and high speed, and we are keen to make a test drive for it off-road through Qatar’s big desert.

Talking about the suspension system in the vehicle which is really important in a SUV and factor for many people to choose a car over another The suspension system delivers impressive wheel travel with 260mm of movement at the front and 272mm at the rear, providing exceptional wheel articulation and composure to deal with the toughest conditions.

Range Rover Sport 2017

Powerful Yet Stable

Combining the 3.0L Supercharged V6 or the 5.0L Supercharged V8 engine which comes on the Range Rover Sport [depends on the variation you choose] with the Dynamic Response gives you the ultimate stability over the vehicle, it improves the handling and provide the passenger with comfort by reducing the body lean when cornering as all systems works together.

This might seem a bit sophisticated but driving a big SUV through corners on high speed will make you uncomfortable but in the Range Rover Sport we felt we are in control all the time.

What is under the Hood?

As much as we loved the Range Rover Sport we love always to know what is under the hood and there are two options which you can choose from when buying the Range Rover Sport

  1. 3.0 L Supercharged V6 / 340 or 380 PS @6500RPM
  2. 5.0 L Supercharged V8 / 510 PS or 550 PS ( On SVR version ) @6000-6500 RPM

The one we drove was the 3.0 L V6 Supercharged HSE in our test drive.

Our Next Mission

We have tested the Range Rover on soft roads where we saw the flawless acceleration and pickup from start but we need to put it again to test in tough roads and take it inside Qatar’s dunes


Range Rover Sport 2017

Range Rover Sport 2017

Range Rover Sport 2017

Range Rover Sport 2017

Range Rover Sport 2017

Range Rover Sport 2017


What do you think about the Range Rover Sport? What would you like to see more from it?

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