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[Test Drive] Mercedes Benz V 250 Avantgarde

It is Luxurious, comfortable and easy to drive.


The V-Class is the third generation of the full size Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) from Mercedes, it went to production in 2014 to replace the Viano and the R-Class. The V-Class is designed with three rows of seating and two sliding doors, with all the technology and luxury features that can be found in a car.

This vehicles has all you need from size and space offered by MPVs to the luxury and comfortable of a big size sedan to the easy of driving you look for in a car. It has powerful engines and a lot of technology that takes this vehicles to the next level.

How does it feel?

It is very good to drive, you do not expect a van to be that good and easy to drive inside the town, but once we started driving the V 250 we felt how it is not built only for long distances it can be driven easily in the traffic too.

It combines different type of driving modes with its Agility Control System that has four driving mode: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Manual. These mode change the throttle response and steering to suit your preference.

Mostly you will leave the car in the Comfort mode as we did because that suits more the nature of the vehicle, as it is not made to be sporty even that the Sport mode adds 13 bhp and 30 lb ft of over-boost.

What we noticed the most is that the steering wheel is light and easy to use in the city, also the V 250 is very comfortable while driving and it let you enjoy the trip because the suspension system is made to bring a high level of driving dynamics.

It is not slow as you may think instead  it is fast for a MPV and has good engine response all of that comes form the 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 211 hp and 350 nm, with 7-speed automatic 7G-TRONIC PLUS.


Exterior design is sharp and it is a revolution in the vans world, the front end shares the same design of the C, E and S class as this is the new design strategy from Mercedes to have almost the same grill and front LED intelligent lights. Any thing else is for sure will look like a Van but with a very modern and attractive design.

From the side there are the sliding electrically operated side doors.


The dashboard design is similar to most of Mercedes Benz new cars and you get in the inside a high quality materials. Technology and Comfort is the main title for the interior of the V 250 Avantgarde.

The V 250 offers the most comfort leather heated fully electric seats for the driver and passengers in the front, going back to the rear there is the 7- seats; single seats in the rear for more comfortable for the passengers and the Avantgarde has a movable and folding table for passengers in the back.

Touch multimedia screen: It is located in the front to control different options such as radio, media, Navigation system and vehicle settings, controlled by a touch pad that recognizes variety of finger movements like scrolling, swiping and zooming.

Sound System: The Burmester surround sound system, 15 speakers with 640 watt.

Ambient Lighting: The Interior Ambient Lighting Color system that offer three different colors to chose from (Solar,Polar and Neutral).

Around view camera system: 360 degree camera that gives the driver a view of the area around the car from all the sides on the central multimedia screen.

T. Gargour & Fils Co. (TGF)

Is the exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Jordan.

TGF introduced Mercedes-Benz imports to the region in 1952, and has enjoyed a close and fruitful relationship with Daimler (the company that manufactures Mercedes-Benz vehicles) ever since.

The centre showcases over 50 new vehicles and has the capacity to service up to 40 vehicles at a time.







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