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[Test Drive] McLaren 570S

Unleash The Beast Within

This weekend was special to us as Al Wajba Motors as we took the McLaren 570 S for an intensive test drive throughout the roads of Doha where you can test the full potential of a sport car and see how good it was built.

Will take you in our review through what we tested and talk more about the McLaren brand. so let’s begin.

McLaren 570 S

Back to Basics

Before we head to the test drive part let’s talk a little bit about the basics of how McLaren categorize their cars.

McLaren categories their cars as per the following :

  • Sports Series : Where those who are looking for an daily driven exciting experience  yet be competitive will dig into track days and nail it too!
    • 540 C ( Does not come to Doha )
    • 570 S
    • 570 S Spider ( Yet to Come )
    • 570 GT
  • Super Cars :
    • 720 S
    • 675 LT
  • Ultimate Series :
    • McLaren P1
    • McLaren P1-GTR

McLaren 570 S

So as we see the 570S which we tested falls under the sports series and it is a perfect solution for a daily driven car and once you take it to the track you can unleash the F1 technology in it and go from 0-100 in 3.2 Seconds and benefit from the hydraulic suspensions and the thrilling handling around the corners.

The Structure

One of the many McLaren technologies the Sports Series shares with its Formula 1™ and supercar cousins is carbon fibre construction. The MonoCell II is a strong chassis that weighs just 75kg and provides immense rigidity and stiffness that translates into outstanding dynamics. This lightweight construction coupled with the potent mid-mounted V8 provide the best power-to-weight ratio of any sports car in its class.

McLaren 570 S


You can’t miss the aerodynamics put in this machine and the inspired F1 technology to make it more dynamic and ready for everything.

The dihedral doors in the McLaren stands out whenever you open them and make some head turns for sure watching these door which base is made out of raw carbon fiber as the chassis.

McLaren 570 S

The front of the McLaren 570 S shows a sporty identity to whoever is checking out and can know in an instant that this car built for track

McLaren 570 S

Lightweight forged Sport alloy wheels  570S. along with a big carbon ceramic brakes and six-piston calipers, the latter offered in a range of distinctive colors.  all of this will work together to provide a braking power that can stop the beast within.


Talking about the performance and what is under the hood of the McLaren 570S you can hear the Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine screaming for more every time you kick in the pedal.

let’s speak more about the top performance features.


The all-aluminium twin-turbocharged engine is mounted extremely low in the chassis for enhanced agility. Torque is served progressively over an incredibly broad powerband, encouraging the driver to use all 8500rpm literally.


The 7-Speed gearbox can be used in both automatic mode and manual mode yet it feels so seamless in changing up or down even while using 1 hand!


The IRIS-based McLaren Track Telemetry records lap and section times, plus vehicle data, and relays it on the touchscreen display. GPS maps any circuit or timed section. you can also choose the driving mode in it in terms of how you like to handle the car and how the performance would be in the three different modes ( Normal , Sport and Track )


The 570 S we tested came with MSO ( McLaren Special Operations ) that provide a great soundtrack while pushing the car or even better when down-shifting.


The McLaren 570S surely comes in a very light weight compared to its competitors with the Carbon Fiber Chassis and lightweight materials as low as 1344KG


  • 0-100KPH (62MPH) :3.2s
  • 0-200KPH (124MPH) :9.5s
  • MAXIMUM POWER : 570PS (562BHP)
  • TYPE : V8
  • WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION  :  (F/R) 42%/58%


Driving Experience

To talk about our driving experience, the car is too responsive to the minimalist reaction yet controllable whether you are a racing enthusiast or simply enjoy having a daily sport car.

While driving you can choose how you would like the handling to be by activating the IRIS and set it to “Active”,  then you can choose the handling from three different modes ( Normal, Sport or Track ” as well as choosing the performance mode same as the handling.

The central seven-inch zone instrumental displays vital information, including road speed, engine rpm and gear selection. T. Information is prioritized according to vehicle mode, with a race car-style display activated in Track mode and distinctive colors clearly signalling the ideal gearshift point.

While driving the hydraulic suspension works with you as lower the cars while speeding to give more downforce and more control to the car at high speeds. and as for Doha road with so many bumps and holes the hydraulic suspensions were too good to raise the car up so you don’t scratch the down of the vehicle. It is truly a daily car.

We took the car through several tests while also using the launch control to see how the car reacts from 0-100 and it did perform under 3.5 seconds taking in fact the weather condition and type of road here in Doha.

as for handling around tough corners we chose an inner closed circuit road where can see how the car reacts at a round-about long curves and short S roads and while switching modes you can feel the difference in handling and suspension hardness.


We leave you out with a selected photos from our experience exclusively from MawaterArabia.com team

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