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[Test Drive] Jaguar F-PACE first drive and review

The First Ever Jaguar SUV Entering The Competition Well-Planned And Aggressive

We took the Jaguar F-PACE the first ever Jaguar SUV this time after we drove its sister the Range Rover Sport  as we know both comes under one umbrella, yet the personality in each is different.

Jaguar stepped into the competition of Sport SUVs ( Mid-Size luxury SUVs )  with the newly introduced Jaguar F-PACE that took the DNA of Jaguar F-TYPE performance, handling adding to it space and practicality to drive on different terrains.

We will take you out through our test drive and some great images we took inside Qatar, Thanks to Al Fardan Premier Motors to the ongoing support providing the test drive vehicle.

The First Impression Means Everything

We usually say that the first impression does not mean everything but in the Jaguar F-PACE it broke this rule immediately once you start the engine your whole perception of Jaguar’s luxury and your expectation of a sporty SUV directly clicks in.

Before our driving experience we should talk a little bit about the F-PACE and how Jaguar put the best in it to make it a competitive SUV

The body structure comprises 80% aluminium and the the chassis rigidity got the same specs as the Jaguar F-TYPE  as you can see from the design it is has the same characteristics of the F-TYPE made into a SUV

The Loop Test

As we were checking out some features which the F-PACE offer in terms of power and suspension as you can feel the Integral Link Suspension system which gets 500 readings per second to analyze the terrain you are driving on adding to that the performance from the V6  Supercharged Engine, a lot came across the campaign that everyone spoke about when the F-PACE was launched in 2016.

The F-PACE is the only SUV that is capable to do a full loop like no other and setting a Guinness World Record, which simply can say a lot about performance and how well-engineered the car is. Check out the video here :

The Interior

The F-PACE interior blends elegance and sportiness to create the latest in contemporary design. You can quickly see the sport DNA in every corner. The main features of the interior can be summed up in :

  • Sporty Luxury design
  • Quality and Craftsmanship while paying attention to every single detail
  • Interior Mood Lighting that changes with 10 different colors and Red is chosen when switching to Dynamic mode
  • Electric Spacious Rear Seat
  • Full Panoramic Roof.
  • The Meridian 380W Sound System that deliver clear acoustic quality sound.
  • Full Spare Tire ( Yes this is very important )
  • InControl Touch Pro Which has the same features of the Range Rover Sport which we talked about earlier.

Jaguar F-PACE Qatar

Jaguar F-PACE Qatar

Features That We Appreciate

  • Vehicle Activity Key

One of the most interesting features that we liked about the Jaguar F-PACE is the b” Vehicle Activity Key “, you don’t need to keep putting your key chain in your pocket once you leave the car, all you need is to wear the Activity Key which looks like a wrist band and they did not forget to make it look in style too.

You simply after leaving the vehicle you have 30 seconds to reach the rear door and put the wrist band near the “J” letter and the car will be completely locked even if you leave the key inside. and to access the car again all you need is to click the rear door button and put the wrist band again on the “J” letter to unlock the vehicle.

Jaguar F-Pace Vehicle Activity KeyJaguar F-Pace Vehicle Activity Key
  • Select Your Driving mode

Every car has the option to select the driving mode, while in the different modes that Jaguar F-PACE offers they went beyond that to let the driver select how hard or soft the Steering Wheel, The suspensions or the Transmission change can be.

For example you can select the Dynamic Mode ( Sports Mode ) and adjust the steering to be softer yet the car would rev at high RPM pushing the supercharger from initial throttle.

Driving Experience

We started our review by saying ” The First Impression Means Everything ” and that’s what the Jaguar F-PACE achieved, as once you put some pressure on the throttle the supercharges kicks in quickly to drive the 340 HP ( 380 HP in the S Edition)  from 0 to reach 100 kmph in less than 5.8 seconds ( 5.5 in the S Edition ).

We drove the R-Sport edition this time and it was really responsive on cornering while on speed too, you would feel like you are driving a sport vehicle and you forget that you are in an SUV as sometimes you might feel the car sliding while pushing more on a corner but you will be surprised how that car stay stable.


Jaguar really puts their effort to enter the mid-size SUV competition and they have succeeded  in this as in 2016 although a partly sales report they completed selling 45,956 unit and it became the best selling Jaguar model in 2016. in the whole world.

This shows how Jaguar made their homework correctly and waiting to see what they will offer and would the Jaguar I-PACE succeed in the Electric vehicles as the F-PACE


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