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[Test Drive] INFINITI Q30 Premium in Jordan

Premium Style

This week we had the chance to test the Infiniti Q30 Premium Style from Bustami & Saheb the official dealer for Infiniti cars in Jordan, the model we got is the Q30 Premium Style with 19 inch wheels and 1.6 liter turbo charged engine, it is an interesting car for many reasons not only because of the stylish modern design or even the features and options that can be chosen but because of the Nissan and Daimler relationship that resulted in making this Japanese European sport compact hatchback .

The smallest model from Infiniti combines the sportiness of a coupe and the character of a crossover. It is the perfect alternative and competitor for the German Hatchback or the sport crossovers, the Q30 has a very good performance, very comfortable on the road as a daily car and yes you get the sport feeling using the paddle shifters and sport mode when needed.



For three days we tested the Q30 under normal weather conditions and under rain, under both conditions it is stable and very impressive. But what we love the most is that the Q30 with it’s 4-cylinder engine is still fast enough, while the steering is quick and direct you feel you are in a good touch with the tyres and road.

The Q30 produces enough grip thanks to the multi link rear suspension system, the grip is one of the best in its class and for a FWD car it is something need to be mentioned, even it is not supposed to be a sport car but you can chose the Sport mode from the three driving modes (E,S and M) that changes the throttle and gearbox response and then you will enjoy your ride and  you will get smile on your face while driving.

What makes it different is the higher driving position than the other hatchbacks in the market still very comfortable and smooth, a very good choice for a daily car and for a good long cruise, it takes a very high mark in the comfort and easy to drive sections.

Engine and Performance

Our test car has a 4-cylinder 1.6 liter engine Turbocharged producing a 154 hp and 250 N.m at 1250-4000 rpm, it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 8.9 seconds with top speed of 215 km/h. The car is fitted to a seven speed dual clutch transmission with Sport and Manual mode.

Infiniti offers another engine the 2.0 liter turbo charged four cylinder produces 208 hp and 350 N.m well it is faster as it goes from 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and top speed of 235, still the same gearbox.

What about the Interior ?

Inside the Q30 Premium is a different story even the exterior is very stylish and while driving people kept looking at the car but the interior is really beautiful and made of high quality materials, steering is made of leather our test car did not have a leather seats but available as a standard in the 2.0 liter model.

Climate control, console gear selector all are easy to use and can let you focus on the road instead of trying hard to switch the radio or using the navigation system. As we said that the Q30 is a result from the relationship between Infiniti and Daimler that is why the steering, gear, and console gear are almost the same in the A class from Mercedes, not that Infiniti is taking Mercedes design no but both cars shares some parts.

Very comfort from the inside, seats are comfortable and adjustable, windows switching are easy to use, the center screen is well designed and gives every thing the driver and passenger need to know or control in the car. Rear camera and different sensors are available which make driving more safe and easy.


when thinking of buying a new car one thing must be taken in consideration is the safety part, the Q30 is a five-star ANCAP-rated (car crashing test) and gets seven airbags, auto emergency braking and a pop-up bonnet as standard across all the models. Optional extras include an active cruise control and blind spot monitors.







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