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[Test Drive] 2017 Maserati Ghibli S Test Drive in Qatar

Go Luxury With Full Power

In our latest test drive we had the honor to take the 2017 Ghibli S from AlFardan Sports Motors “Maserati Qatar”  where we explored the new features of the S version of the Ghibli. The Ghibli is Maserati’s smaller version of the rather large Quattroporte. Both are high-performance luxury sedans with similar exterior styling, but the Ghibli is intended to be the modern and sporty option to the Quattroporte where you can read about our test drive for it here

Will take you in a tour to tell you about our experience with the 2017 Ghibli S.

Exterior Design


The exterior of the Italian beauty stands out with the BIG Maserati logo with the wide grille that you can see from far away, moving from there the lines of Ghibli shows a dynamic and sporty feeling yet stays within the craftsmanship of fine luxury for those seeking a bold look that says

” I am bold but have muscles too” 

From the back side the quad exhaust tips will give you a hint of a beast engine within the Ghibli not to mention the sound it makes while passing by at high or even low RPMs.

From the side the 20” Urano machine-polished alloy wheels with red calipers will make you twist your head as you see it moving next to you.


Once you step in the Ghibli S, the dark rose/ red interior will give you the sport and power feeling along with stitches that shows a fine Italian craftsmanship

Zooming in you can see the carbon fiber all over the Ghibli, going to the interface, Maserati uses a human-machine interface (central screen) adapted from systems used widely by its FCA corporate owner. Its operation is slick, has features a-plenty, and fits well with the rest of the well-created interior. It features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto too.

Specs and Driving Experience

The 2017 Ghibli S comes with a 3.0L V6 430HP that gives you what you need whether you are looking for a smooth ride or just a casual day with a sporty twist and pushing the limits of your Maserati to its limits. It can give you both.


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