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[Test Drive] 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS review back to back with 2016 Camaro RS

Redesigned from the Inside Out

This week we got the chance to drive the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS back to back with the 2016 Camaro RS.

The newly designed Camaro was re-engineered from inside out starting from the chassis’ weight to reduce it 90Kgs vs. the 5th generation and the suspensions was engineered to reach a 21% leaner while making it 28% stiffer than before.

These numbers might seem small to some people but for a 6.2L LT1 V8 Engine that screams a 455 horsepower with a 616Nm of torque makes it the most powerful Camaro SS until date.

The RS had the same engineering as the SS making the 3.6L V6 Engine runs a 335 horsepower, a lighter vehicle with such power makes it a great fit for daily use.

Camaro SS

The Moment you step in the Camaro SS you see the mark of the SS all over the place on the front grill, the seats and the steering wheel. And once you start the ignition you feel the power directly coming out from the dual exhaust muffler.


The 20’ inch rims stands out indeed while having a 4-piston Brembo breaks that comes standard with the SS package to hold that 616Nm of torque when going from 0-100km/h in 4.0 Seconds ( if you know how to launch that beast without shredding the tires )

Test Drive – Camaro SS

The Camaro SS comes with a standard remote-start engine option that can be handful in summer or winter to keep the car running and unlike other brands, it keeps the car running even if you open the door and you simply just push the start button to kick off. Some brands switches off the engine if you open the door after remote starting the engine, which some might see as a safety measure and some might see it annoying but we love the Chevy option.

Coming to drive the vehicle the seats holds you from the sides as drive or turn, it would be an issue for a skinny person as he would be lost in these seats. Moving to driving the SS provides 4 modes of driving ( Tour , Sport , Track , Snow/Ice )

Tour mode is your choice for basic daily driving habit as the engine switches to a V4 when accelerating in lower RPMs with low sound coming from the chamber and exhaust.

Switching to Sport mode, you will feel the steering wheel becomes heavier a bit; shifting will go toward higher RPM.

Track mode, which is only available in the SS for those who really want to push the limits of their Camaro as once you put in the Track mode your driving experience will change as the mode stat adjusting suspension, throttle progression, shift feel, steering calibration and even exhaust sound.

We have tested the track mode in daily driving and we found it difficult to handle the car in daily driving, as the steering wheel would become stiffer than usual.

Snow/Ice mode cannot be used a lot in this region but it would be a handful in case you were stuck in a sandy spot or mud maybe as the transmission would start in second gear to remove any traction/spinning that could occur from pushing the throttle.

The interior of the SS was redesigned in very unique way providing a sporty experience and cockpit that literary tells you to floor the throttle and go, exciting lighting options in the chamber as you can either choose a color from the 24 colors available or simply let it decide based on your driving mode

Test Drive – Camaro RS

The Camaro RS comes only with 3 modes (Tour, Sport and Snow/Ice) and RS Package would have :

  • 20″ 5-split spoke premium Gray-painted, machined-face aluminum wheels
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps
  • LED tail lamps
  • RS-specific grilles

While some options available on the SS are not there in the RS but ordered when purchasing the vehicle.

The RS comes with a 3.6L V6 engine

While driving the vehicle you can feel how smooth the acceleration happens despite the inner idea of how heavy the car is as we mentioned it went on a diet losing around 90Kg this year.



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