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Rafat Haroun Wins Round 1 of Ultimate Drift Championship

Ultimate Drift Championship

The first tandem championship organized fully in Jordan took place successfully.

The first tandem championship took place at Smart Performance Circuit in Jordan with the participation of 17 Drifters from Jordan, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Oman.

We were there to cover the whole event and to give the full story and how did the first round ended in a dramatic way.

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Qualifying Round

During practice round 2 of the drivers ” Sohaib Bakkar ” and ” Khaled Al Titi ” were not able to continue as they had issues with their cars. so left the competition for the next 15 cars to battle for the Top 16 round.

The qualifying round scores came in as below :

1. Rafat Haroun
2. Haitham Al Hadidi
3. Abdullah Abu Hussein
4. Mahmoud Al Jabali
5. Ahmad Shraim
6. Sameer Al Idwan
7. Abdullah Sroor
8. Mohammed Nofal
9. Falah Al Jarba
10. Michael Hazeen
11. Mojahed Baytamouni
12. Zakaria Selwani
13. Atwan Mashagbeh
14. Jepreel Tahseen
15. Loay Ayyash
Both Rafat Haroun and Haitham Hadidi showed a marvelous runs through the qualifying and gave Rafat the advantage by scoring 95 points and Haitham with 91 points yet he could have managed to make a better run but his car failed him during the 2nd qualifying run.

Top 16 Battles

The first battle ever in the competition was between Mohammed Nofal and Falah Al Jarba known as ” King of Camaro ” , Falah is well-known in his pro drift series as he uses a stock V8 Camaro with automatic transmission!

Ultimate Drift Championship
Falah Al Jarba VS Mohammed Nofal

Going forward Falah lost the battle to Mohammed Nofal after a close call and let Nofal move to the great 8 to meet Rafat Haroun who managed to have a bi-run as there was no one qualified against him.

Ultimate Drift ChampionshipComing next a battle between Mahmoud Al Jabali with Atwan Al Mashagbeh as the first won the battle to move to the top 8

Ultimate Drift Championship
Abdullah Abu Hussein VS Jepreel Tahseen

The next battle in the top 16 was between Abdullah Abu Hussein and Jepreel which was a hard battle for Abdullah Abu Hussein as Jepreel’s car had less power so the chase for him was pretty hard, but he managed to win by playing it in a smart way.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Sameer al Idwan VS Mojahed Baytamouni

Up next the battle between Sameer Al Idwan driving a GT86 against the BMW driver Mojahed and Mojahed faced a technical issue with his car and gave the win directly to Sameer after dropping from the 2nd run in the battle.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Abdullah Sroor VS Michael Hazeen

Abdullah Sroor and Michael Hazeen ‘s BMW e36 battle was picking up the pace and crowd was going crazy with their performance but Michael’s issue with his car did not allow him to go to the top 8.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Zakaria Al Selwan VS Ahmad Shraim

Zakaria Al Selwan and Ahmad Shraim had an interesting battle but Zakaria was not able to proceed to the next level and the call for the winner was very hard by the judges as they needed to check the replay couple of times to make sure they are 100% correct.

Ultimate Drift Championship 2017
Haitham Al Hadidi

Haitham Al Hadidi had an easy win over Loay after he conquered the lead run and Loay faced a problem with his car and had to step down.

The Great 8

In the top 8 drivers started to pick up the pace as they are now in the mood for battles.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Rafat Haroun VS Mohammed Nofal

Rafat Haroun VS Mohammad Noffal

This battle between Rafat Haroun and Mohammed Nofal was really good judges had to do a OMT ( One More Time ) but Rafat was able to clinch the win over Mohammed and move to the Top 4

Ultimate Drift Championship
Mahmoud Al Jabali VS Ahmad Shraim

Mahmoud Al Jabali VS Ahmad Shraim

The two BMWs battle was a fierce one as Shraim was close enough to go for the top 4 but his chase run score did not allow him to move forward.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Sameer Al Idwan VS Abdullah Abu Hussein

Sameer Al Adwan VS Abdullah Abu Hussein

The 1st run for Sameer was not good as he spun out in the first initiation which gave the advantage to Abdullah, Sameer’s 2nd run was not enough for him to win over and Abdullah moved to the Top 4

Ultimate Drift Championship
Haitham Al Hadidi VS Abdullah Sroor

Haitham Al Hadidi VS Abdullah Sroor

Abdullah Sroor first run was not good enough as he made a big mistake on the 2nd clipping point going off the track and Hadidi almost spun out at the 8th clipping point but he came in with a backward entry drift and managed to control the car. in the 2nd run it was an easy call for the judges to announce Haitham as a winner.

Top 4

With more heat on the battle field the top 4 battles were already putting people on their feet the whole period.

Ultimate Drift Championship
Rafat Haroun VS Mahmoud Al Jabali

1st Battle

Rafat Haroun VS Mahmoud Al Jabali

Two old friends battling for the first time against each other and the crowd was screaming out loud for them all the time. Rafat Haroun had the upper hand in this battle and won over Jabali as the last showed sportsmanship and respect to Haroun.

2nd Battle

Ultimate Drift Championship
Haitham Al Hadidi VS Adullah Abu Hussein

Haitham Al Hadidi VS Abdullah Abu Hussein

Everyone was waiting for this battle to start and both Haitham and Abdullah had one goal in mind ” To head for the final “, the experience Hadidi had gave him the advantage in the battle although the 18 years old drifter started last year but he made a name for himself in a very short time!

Experience did play well on Hadidi’s side as this was the first Tandem battle event for Abdullah and Hadidi was not afraid at all to stay door to door with Abdullah’s BMW

Ultimate Drift Championship
Mahmoud Al Jabali VS Abdullah Abu Hussein

3rd Place Battle

Mahmoud Al Jabali reached the 3rd Place battle with his continuous steady performance and Abdullah did not want to give up on a podium finish.

Both drivers did really well but the one who made more mistakes lost the fight and that was Jabali. Abdullah fought from the beginning and gave it all out.

The Dramatic Final

The first final between Rafat Haroun and Haitham Al Hadidi was indeed an intensive one!

Rafat Haroun a well-known driver with great experience against the young talented champion battle started

Ultimate Drift Championship
Rafat Haroun ( Lead ) VS Haitham Al Hadidi ( Chase )

1st Run

Both drivers were door to door all the time as Rafat made the lead in the 1st run while Haitham was doing the chase part.

Ultimate Drift Championship 2017
Rafat Haroun ( Chase ) VS Haitham Al Hadidi ( Lead )

2nd Run

Judges had a tough decision on the 2nd run as both showed amazing commitment and the scores were too close which made them decide to go for an OMT ( One More Time )

Ultimate Drift Championship 2017
Haitham al Hadidi

The Dramatic Finish

In the OMT Rafat started in the lead while Haitham again started in the chase position, Haitham gave it all and his score was high enough for him to win the title as he was like a shadow for Rafat in all flicks.

Switching sides Haitham kicked off the battle in the lead position and just after he started inititaing his rear right wheel studs broke and his car spun out and Rafat in the chase completed his run and gave him the win.

The Podium

After all the battles and drama in the final battle too here are your champions :

1. Rafat Haroun
2. Haitham Al Hadidi
3. Abdullah Abu Hussein.
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Re-Live the action through the live streaming below :

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