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Haitham Al Hadidi wins Red Bull Car Park Drift 2016 finals in Oman

The best arena ever made by Red Bull.

last Friday we were invited to cover Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals 2016 in Muscat-Oman at Sultan Qaboos Port.

Bringing Top middle east champions under one area to crown the “King of Drift” of the Middle east.

This year’s venue was different than any year before, more creative, more dangerous and more technical.

Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals 2016 Venue
Preparing for the event, drivers had the day before to practice inside the venue where they mentioned how technical that track was having to switch between gears in every point in the track, plus having dangerous obstacles like going under a trailer and going inside a spiral made of barrels, which any hit can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Top cars in the venue

Drifters prepared for the event really well and made sure their cars are up for the track while other cars were having issues going inside the track due to huge power like Abdulrahman Fakhroo’s 900HP Ford Mustang  and some were using new cars that they haven’t driven before like ( Saeed Al Moori ( Saudi Arabia ) moving on a BMW instead of his GT86 , Mesyar Abu Shibah also on a BMW instead of the V8 Silvia and Zaki Lafreky from Moroco on a Nissan 240x rented from Oman for the event.

But these cars spotted in the event were the ones prepared for anything in the event and ready to compete for the title!

Tarek Al Shihani’s Nissan
Ali al Baloushi’s ( Lalou ) Nissan 240x
Rafat Haroun’s GT86 2JZ engine powered
Fasial Al Zaabi Winner from UAE ‘s Nissan S15
Haitham Al Hadidi’s Nissan Silvia S15
Each car from the above were prepared in proper way to have the best looks,sound and smoke coming out from it as all of these counts in the final score of the competitor as per Red Bull regulation and scoring system.

The Battle!

With 13 drivers ahead ready to make some noise at Sultan Qaboos’ Port the battles started and everyone was showing his skills while some drivers had very bad start which lead them to be knocked out from the first round.

The top in the first round were as follow :

  1. Tariq Al Shihani.
  2. Rafat Haroun
  3. Haitham Al Hadidi
  4. Salman Abdullah
  5. Mesyar Abu Shibah
  6. Ali Al Balushi
  7. Maged Mustafa


The 2nd round got more intense as the top 3 drivers remain battling to stay in the top 3 while Ali Al Balushi ( Oman Winner )  made a huge jump to be in 2nd place after being in 6th in the first round. while Tariq dropped to 4th after hitting a barrel at the end costing him some points.

The Top 4 in the 2nd round were as follow :

  1. Haitham Al Hadidi
  2. Ali Al Balushi
  3. Rafat Haroun
  4. Tariq Al Shihani

Quick chat with Al Al Balushi

We had the chance to chat with Ali Al Balushi to hear from him more about the event and the venue and what did he do for preparations.

Ahmad said that he is proud to present Oman in the finals along with his teammates from Oman too, he is confident that he will be in the finals round as he worked hard to prepare for this event and last year’s battle against Ahmad Daham put him in 2nd place in 2015 championship made him more determined that he will win this competition this year.

We mentioned before that Ali would be in the Top 5 as per our expectations  while he mentioned that top competitors would be from his own country and the new participant from Morocco who is his student and Rafat Haround from Jordan too

Ali also said :

“The track has nothing made out of plastic it is all real and dangerous , going under a truck and hitting iron barrels while also the need to feel the track is very important as you go in 3 different type of terrains so you have to know when to put more power and when you have to release”

The Final Battle


Red Bull Car Park Drift 2016 finals Trophies
The final  battle started while everyone was standing waiting for drivers to complete their 90 seconds of drift to know who will take the 2016 title.

Here are the final run for each drifter.






A Triple-Omani Podium :

as the final battles ended the score was so close between the drifters and the announcement started to take place announcing Tariq Al Shishani in 3rd place then announcing Ali Al Balushi in 2nd place. the show paused to announce the King of Drift 2016

And the winner is… 

Haitham Al Hadidi … An 18-Year old man put his first steps toward famous roads taking the King of Drift title in 2016 Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals

2016 Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals Winners
The 3-Omani drifters took the podium home as this would be the first time in Red Bull history that winners are from the same host country.

Super Red Bull Surprise!

Another surprise has been announced during red bull event which you can find in a different post here


We met this young Motorsport Photographer named Karen Dekermendjian and worked with her during the event and made these beautiful shots for your eyes to see.  you can check her work in her portfolio on our website.


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