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2018 Range Rover Test Drive in Jordan: Higher level of Luxury and New Tech


Since 1970 the Range Rover had been the flagship model for Land Rover, it is a big, comfort and  super luxurious SUV, the current model was launched in 2012 as the fourth generation.

And for the first time in Jordan we tested the face-lifted Range Rover HSE 2018 from Al Mahmoudia Motors the official and exclusive dealer for Land Rover and Jaguar cars in Jordan, before couple of months we tested the 2017 HSE model and the differences are visible especially for the interior and technology.

What is new for the 2018 Model ?

For the interior it got a dual touch screen infotainment system discarding most of the hard buttons, similar to the setup found in the Velar, more adjustments for the front seats with available massaging option. Now it looks even better, more luxurious and a fresh than the 2017 model.

From the outside the face-lifted HSE got a new grill, new bumper and new vent blades, also the headlights got revised with 144 LED lamps and 4 laser diodes, from the rear to notice the changes you have to put the previous model beside it to see the differences such as the rear bumper.

Driving and Performance

We tried the V6 petrol engine, it shares the same engine with the Jaguar F-Type (you can see our test drive for the Jaguar). A 3.0 liter Supercharged engine producing a 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque, it is able to accelerate the car from 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and for a car from this size we can say that the engine is doing well as you can get a good performance and pace.

If you want a sport car performance you can get the V8 supercharged engine but Range Rover is not designed to be a super sport SUV, indeed it is designed for smooth and comfort ride.

The entire car can be raised or lower from a single button on the center console to match the road type, also different driving modes available such as grass, gravel, snow and etc,. throttle pedal response is very quick as well as the brakes, steering wheel is very accurate and smooth, you could even forget that you are driving a big SUV because the car is very agile and you feel very confidence behind the wheel of the Range Rover.

From the Inside

Elegant and great design goes beyond the exterior and starting from the keyless entry and soft door close, going inside the seats are made from leather and heated with driver and passenger memory, two big touch screens on the console to control audio, navigation, driving modes and almost every thing in the vehicle, these touch screens removed most of the buttons compared to the previous model.

Meridian sound system with 13 speakers including a dual channel sub-woofer for a full deep bass and sound, all controlled through Touch Pro Duo.






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